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Great Loop Bug Creates Itch

Yes, this is how it all started....
Happy New Year 2009 to all!
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Frosty Final Day on the Loop for 2008

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Tennessee, Mississippi, now Alabama.....

Twins is currently attending the Fall Rendezvoux of AGLCA at the Joe Wheeler State Park on Wheeler Lake off the Tennessee River. There are about 100 loopers here and about 40 Looper boats. We were late comers as we decided to bring the boat down here from our winter berth at Aqua Harbor at the start of the Tenn Tom waterway.

We arrived at Aqua Harbor last week and spent three days there before we decided to come to Wheeler. We spent a day coming up here and went through two locks including the largest lock west of the Mississippi, the Wilson lock with a rise of about 95 feet. We had a lot of turbulence in the lock and scratched our rub rails a couple of times against the wall on the way up.

Our trip up the Tennessee was fun. We anchored at Birdsong Creek by ourselves for a night and then were joined by 5 other Loopers at Double Island Anchorage before arriving at Aqua Harbor. We used a courtesy car to go to Corinth which has a Civil War Interpretive Center. We will go to the Shilo Battlefield next week when we are back at Aqua.

It's been a good ride so far. We've now crossed the 1000 mile mark.

We will spend the winter at Aqua and keep the boat on the Tennessee River system next year before we move down the Tenn Tom to Florida next fall.

All plans subject to change....such is life!
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